Dead bodies of previously abducted Baloch innocent found dumped in Kalat.



Three dead bodies of the Baloch activists were discovered in a very decomposition stage in Kalat Today.

According to details, Three months old dead bodies of Baloch civilians in  in Nagai area of Kalat. The victims  have been identified as Sufi Marri, Safeer Baloch, and Sanaullah Marri, who were forcefully disappeared by the Pakistani forces during a bloody military operation on 5 April of this Year.

Meanwhile,  the brutal army claimed to have killed 40 Baloch freedom fighters on April of this year in Nagai area of Kalat, but in reality, all those were completely innocent nomad who were traveling from Mastung to Kalat, minding their own business. All were lined up and shot one by one in a very horrific way of Daesh-style execution.

Furthermore,  a dead body of Baloch woman was found dumped in Geyandari area of Dera Bugti. According to an eyewitness, The victims, identified as Sami wife of Pandhi Bugt, was thrown away from a helicopter in Geyndari area in Dera Bugti.

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