A nation is not vanished by killing, sacrifices of Murghap martyrs are unforgettable – Sher Mohammad Bugti


Quetta: Baloch Republican Party central spokesman in a statement here on Monday, paid tributes to the Martyrs of Murghap on their 9th martyrdom anniversary, and said that their “sacrifices are unforgettable”.

Baloch Republican Party Central Deputy Secretary General, Sher Mohammad Baloch, BNM’s chairman Ghulam Mohammad and central leader Lala Munir were abducted by Pakistani forces from the office of their lawyer, Advocate Kachkol Ali, and their dead bodies were dumped after a few days of torture under custody in Murghap area of Turbat on 9th of April in 2009.

Mr. Bugti said that Martyrs of Murghap, like other martyrs, refused to bow down before the oppressor and preferred martyrdom instead, adding their sacrifices added to the Baloch voice greatly that is now heard across the world.

He further said that “A nation is not vanished by killing; The struggle and sacrifices of Shaheed Nawab Akbar Bugti and the Martyrs of Murghap proved that this movement cannot be defeated”.

“References were held in different parts of Balochistan and in the capital of Greece, Athens, in commemoration of the martyrs.” he said.

The President of BRP Greece Chapter, Aslam Kiyyazi Baloch, while paying richest tributes to the martyrs, has said that the goal the Martyrs of Murghap had set and sacrificed their lives for will be achieved.

It was also said in the statement that “despite extreme pressure and threats from Pakistani agencies, we are thankful to the local business community for observing a success shutter down strike in Makuran, Kalat, Sibbi, Naseerabad and across Balochistan.”

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