Army kills two, abducted dozens in Dera Bugti operation – BRP


Quetta: Baloch Republican Party spokesman Mr Sher Mohammad Bugti in a statement issued to media has said that state forces have started operation against civil populations in Dera Bugti on Wednesday.

Mr spokesman said that gunship helicopters and long-range artillery was being used in the operation upon unarmed people.

Pakistan army has launched a massive operation in Dera Bugti, and a large number troops have surrounded Singsila, Zainkoh, Qamabar Langu, Lop Sehrani and Sartaaf areas, Mr Bugti said.

Army choppers have blown up a houses in Qambar Langu area in which Murad Buaksh Bugti along with his son Rindo Bugti were killed while a child and two women were wounded, he said adding “troops are not allowing to take injured to the hospitals for their treatment.”

Mr Bugti said one of the injured women lost her leg due to indiscriminate shelling by the army gunship.

He stated the Pakistani troops have looted stored cereals, more than 150 goat and camels while dozens of houses were burnt to ashes during operation in Lop Sehrani area.

Indiscriminate shelling by gunships of Pakistan army targeting villages in Dera Bugti.
Seven people were abducted and shifted to the army cantonment in Sui. The abductees were identified as Lambhy Bugti, Sada Bugti, Gazzo Bugti, Wassu Bugti his son Darman Bugti, Dur Khan Bugti and Jalal Bugti.

Mr Bugti further said “it has been two days that forces are busy in operation and fears raises that forces would continue this operation for many days and expended the military action to other areas as well. Pakistan army is committing war crimes against Baloch people, civilized nations must take action and hold Pakistan accountable for its crimes in Balochistan,” Bugti demanded.

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