Army operation in Dera Bugti: 250 Baloch abducted, 300 livestocks looted- BRP


Sher Mohammad BugtiBaloch Republican Party spokesman Sher Mohammad Bugti strongly condemned Pakistani army aggression in Dera Bugti and Kech.

“Pakistani army carried out a massive military operation in Uch and Patt areas of Dera Bugti and abducted more than 250 Baloch innocent, shifting them to different army camps in Sui. The abductees were resident of Uch and Patt. They were disappeared with head of their families, including, Rasool Bugti, Sanjar Bugti, Jonk Ali Bugti, Shabir Bugti, Dangla Bugti, Arzi Bugti, Lawong Bugti, Doctor Bugti, Ahmdin Bugti, Dando Bugti, Bhalla Bugti, and Eido Bugti. All were held under custody by the personnel of the security forces.

He said that three Baloch were brutally murdered for resisting the abduction of their women by Pakistani forces who have taken away the dead bodies of deceased with them. All the people abducted by Pakistan forces belonged to the Mundar Clan of the Bugti tribe, adding “ The state forces also invaded their farmlands and livestocks, looting more than 300 camels, 100 cattles, and nearly 400 goats. It is heard that Pakistan army now distributing the livestocks among their deaths squads.

“ The residents of areas were warned before to evacuate the areas and later on they were once again threatened on the gun point by they forces to shift to the nearby areas of Uch. Pakistan army is completely defeated in Balochistan, because every time they get thrashed by the Baloch foes, they attack the civilians population in return.

He said that Pakistani forces conducted a separate military offensive in Zamuran area in Kech, torched dozens of houses, harassed women and children and abducted eight Baloch. Identification of the abducted ones: Walid s/o Haji Naseer, Zahid s/o Mohammad Umar, Muhktar s/o Riaz, Mukhtar s/o Mohammad Sharif, Mujeeb s/o Jangian, Khair Bakhsh s/o Mohammad Karim, Salim s/o Haji Naseer, Bhuto s/o Chakar.

The spokesman appealed Human Rights Organization and international community to play their vital roles in order to stop ongoing Human Right abuses and state atrocities in Balochistan.

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