Baloch nation facing very difficult and challenging times with strong resolve – Mansoor Baloch


London: Baloch Republican Party Uk Chapter’s President Mr Mansoor Baloch addresses the annual party meeting in London on Thursday and says that “Baloch nation is currently facing very difficult and challenging times.

Abductions and murders of people in Balochistan have become practice of a daily basis by Pakistani army in an attempt to wipe out the existence of the Baloch people from their very own homeland, and settle there the Punjabis: Therefore, China is a very effective helping hand for Pakistan in this.”

Mr. Baloch urged Baloch freedom activists and leaders abroad to highlight the situation in Balochistan and help put the Baloch question before the world.

Furthermore, in an address to the media during BRP’s protest in London, Mansoor Baloch said that Pakistan was busy in a systematic genocide of the Baloch people.


He said that Pakistani army and intelligence agency personnel abduct Baloch people, torture them to death under custody and dump their bodies, adding that “we’re trying to show the world the true face of Pakistan and expose its atrocities against the Baloch people.”

In his answer to a question regarding negotiations with Pakistan state, Mr. Baloch said that they have tried many a times to solve this problem through negotiations; However, the current atmosphere and situation in Balochistan doesn’t make a way for such an act to take place because the Pakistan state is busy in the genocide of the Baloch people.

The protest, Mr. Baloch, said was aimed at informing the UK govt about the situation in Balochistan and requesting them to intervene and stop the ongoing human rights violations and the Baloch genocide there in Balochistan.

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