BRP appreciates US, other western powers support in United Nations


BRP UN sessionGeneva: Baloch Republican Party in its official statement thanked and appreciated all the countries who supported BRP representative during UNHRC meeting in Geneva.

“When Baloch Republican Party representative tried to bring the issue of so-called China-Pak economic corridor (CPEC) and its devastating impacts on the Baloch people during 34th regular session of United Nation Human Right council in Geneva, Pakistan and China tried to expunge his remarks by requesting the administration of session, saying it’s an internal issue of Pakistan and should not be discussed here”, the statement reads.

Immediately after attempt by Pakistan and china to silence BRP,  Most of the world’s major powers like United State, Netherland, Britain, Norway and Canada rejected the point of order by Pakistan and requested the council that BRP representative should be allowed to complete his statement,

“BRP and whole Baloch nation is very thankful to the rightful action by these country and we hope that United States and civilized world will strive to help Baloch regain their legitimate rights,  and support their right to freedom according to the charter of United Nations,” statement read.

Furthermore it says that Baloch people have been struggling by peaceful and democratic means to secure their right to freedom on their homeland for decades, but Pakistani establishment always responded harshly with continuous military operation, forceful disappearance of thousands of Baloch political activists, student, and dumping of their mutilated dead bodies.

“Baloch veteran leader Shaheed Nawab Akbar Bugti, in his whole life, struggled politically and democratically to speak for the right of Baloch nation, but was killed in the mountains of tharatani by the Pakistani army through force and violation, the statement says, adding that Baloch people are being treated and targeted in very cruel way in Balochistan and there is no media as everything remain in control of Pakistani army.
“Baloch voice being suppressed now even on such international organization like United Nations and through which shows a glimpse of the circumstances in which the Baloch people live in Balochistan. Baloch Republican Party is thankful to representatives of United State, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Norway and Canada and hope that these countries will continue their support for the democratic struggle of oppressed Baloch people,  morally and practically on the state level as well.”

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