BRP protests in Athens, urged Switzerland to grant political asylum to Baloch national leader Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti


Athens: Baloch Republican Party Greece Chapter held a protest demonstration outside Switzerland Embassy in Athen here on Friday.

Baloch Republican Party in a statement said that its Greece chapter held a demonstration outside Switzerland Embassy in Athens, the country’s capital to protest the unjust decision of government to turn down the asylum application of Baloch national leader Nawab Brahamdagh Bugti.

A large number of party activists and workers from Afghan Community had also joined the protest.

While, the President of the Chapter, Mr. Aslam Kiyyazi has said in the statement that “There is a systematic Genocide going on of the Baloch people: military operations, abductions and extra judicial murders have become a practice of a daily basis”.

Instead of raising the Baloch voice speaking against these heinous crimes and brutal policies of the Pakistani state, the Swiss government takes the Pakistan side and suppresses the Baloch voice international, Mr. Baloch said.

BRP Greece chapter president Aslam Kiyyazai Baloch handed over a memorandum to the Swiss embassy in Athens, Appealed them to review and reconsider asylum petition of Baloch leader Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti and grant him political asylum.

He urged the Switzerland government and officials in the Embassy in Greece to not overstep their code of neutrality, Review their decision on Nawab Brahamdagh Bugti, grant him asylum and neglect the baseless allegations of Pakistani terrorist state.

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