Bullet-riddled dead body of Master Maqbool Baloch found dumped in Turbat


BpeL9PcCUAAWaXOBaloch Republican Party Media Cell sources reported that Master Maqbool Baloch was abducted by Pakistani army in Jamak, Pidark on Thursday. He was a school teacher in Turbat affiliated with Baloch National Movement. Shaheed Master Maqbool Baloch’s dead body was found dumped in Kech, Turbat after a day of his abduction.

Baloch National Movement spokesperson, in a statement paid tributes to Shaheed Master Maqbool Baloch on his martyrdom. He further said that Master Maqbool Baloch was linked with their organization and he was abducted by state forces between Pirdrak and Chamak area of Balochistan on thursday. His dead body was found dumped in Kech area of Turbat and his body was shifted to a hospital where he was recognized by his family on friday.

He further said that state intelligence agencies were trying to prevent the Baloch Struggle, by killing and dumping the dead bodies of Baloch students, teachers and political activists. “Martyrdom of Master Maqbool Baloch and other thousand of Baloch leaders and activists will never go in vain but they have inspired us to continue the struggle for free Balochistan till last drop our blood. Our struggle for freedom will be continued till freedom of our motherland, Balochistan” he said.

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