Dasht is under heavy military operation: Nearly a hundred abducted in this month


BRP Media CellPakistani army launched massive wave of military operation in all over Balochistan especially in Dasht, district kech in since November. More than 82 people were abducted so far. Some of them were released but whereabouts of others still remain unknown. Ground troops, latest weapons, gunship helicopters are being used against civilians population of Dasht. Herds and sheep died, houses belonging to villagers were destroyed due to heavy bombardment by the army. Many houses were set on fire, precious belonging were looted and taken away, yet there is no media coverage in the entire area since the beginning of the Military operation.  

BRP Media Cell sources have issued the list of the people who were abducted during this Month. More than 7 people were abducted during the military operation in Panodi village on Thursday, 17 / November / 2016. The abductees were identified as: Naeem, son of Dad Muhammad, Alam, son of Haji Mulla Yaqoub, Nasrat, son of Dost Muhammad, Nazeer, son of Haji Mustafa, Rafiq and Khalid, sons of Gulam Rasol, and Nadil, son of Haji Hasil.

Forces carried out huge military operation in Village of Mullai Nigwar, Chateeg, Pullaan Mettag, Haji Karam Shah Mettag, Parant Bazar on Friday, 18 / November / 2016.

Large number of people were abducted. Women and children were beaten and about Five vehicles, six motorcycles and a tractor were looted from the innocent villagers

List of the people who were abducted in that village have been identified as: Naseem, son of Karim Baksh, Haji Karam Shah and his three sons Abdul Karim, Ayoub, and Mulla Muhammad, Badal, son of Sayeki, Waheed, son of Sayeki, Habib, son of Faqeer, Iqbal son of Hussain, Naseer, son of Jan Muhammad, Suneer, son of Jan Muhammad, Hamza, son of Shah Dad, Ilahi Baksh son of Murad Jan, Naseem, son of Saki Dad, Halim, son of Saki Dad, Naseem, son of Saleh Muhammad, Abdul Aziz, son of Karim Baksh, Salman, son of Raseed, Sharif, son of Dill Murad, Niyaz, son of Ibrahim, Basit, son of Ibrahim, Riaz, son of Dad Muhammad, Fazal, son of Dad Muhammad, Nadeem, son of Abdul Karim, Majeed, son of Khuda Dad, Waheed, son of Abdul Rahim, Abdul Sattar, son of Abdul Rahim, Hamid, son of Salim, Sharif, son of Faqeer, Lal Jan, son of Ahmad, Akram, son of Dost Muhammad.

ON Saturday, 19 / November / 2016, during military operation in village of Jan Muhammad Bazar, the army abducted 10 innocent people. Name of the abductees are: Sanaullah, son of Sayad Muhammad, Shaho, son of Sayad Muhammad, Jabir, son of Abdul Rasheed, Rashid, son of Haji Ibrahim, Waleed, son of Haji Ibrahim, Noor Muhammad, Abdul Hai, Fahad, sons of Iqbal, Yaqoub, son of Shah Murad, Liaquat, son of Shah Dad, Zahid, son of Ibrahim.

The Pakistani media is dead silent on all the worst incidents like military operation taking place across Balochistan and the Human Right Organization not taken any step to investigate the crimes against humanity in Balochistan. The exact number of the abductees could be higher in the list as the army still continue their military operation in the affected areas and allow no one to report freely.

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