Eight Baloch civilians killed in army operations in Kech & Dera Bugti


BRP Media CellDera Bugti: Five dead bodies of the innocent Baloch civilians, among them a women, were killed and dumped by the Pakistani army.

According to BRP Media Cell sources, The victims, belonging to the same family were killed in intense shelling of the Pakistani army helicopters during a grand-scale military operation in Pasheni area of Dera Bugti today.

The victims have been named as Malgh s/o Rehman Bugti, Dost Ali s/o Rahman Bugti, Nawaz Gull s/o Malgh Bugti, Ali Sher s/o Dost Ali Bugti and among them a woman who has been identified as wife of Nasiwan Bugti.

Report from the locals suggest that the death toll expected to rise, however, only 13 people confirmed to be dead in a five day-long operation.

Furthermore, Pakistani army also carrying out military operation nearby area of Sibi, including, Gori, Balo, Bambor, and Roda; dozens of the baloch civilians were also abducted and gone missing.

Meanwhile, three civilians were killed and while several other were abducted during the military operation against civilians in Dasht area in Kech district. The name of the victims are: Rafiq, the oldest son of Shah Sawar. Several members of his family, including 3 brothers, were reportedly killed by the army earlier.

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