Military operation in Kalat: Pakistan army targets civil populace


Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 9.58.01 PMQuetta: Pakistan army conducted a bloody military operation in different areas of Kalat today.

According to report, Pakistani military forces are carrying out a grand-scale military operation in different areas of Kalat district, including Kabo, Isplinji, Thalakh Kawi, and Koh Syaah.

Large numbers of people including Women and children were targeted due intense shelling by the Pakistani army helicopters in Koh Syaah. No further information could be ascertained due to closure of the mobile networks in the local areas.

Sources from Mastung informed BRP Media Cell, that more than six helicopters and hundreds of troops have been actively taking part in the brutal military operation from past two days. SSG commandos were rappelled from the helicopters onto the ground where they have burnt dozens of mud houses and shelters. Entrance and exit of the affected areas have been stalled off, causing more problems for the people who are suffering under continuous army brutality.

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