Pak army launched operation to pave the way for Chinese companies in Dera Bugti


dera-bugti-mapDera Bugti: Pakistani army started a grand-scale military offensive in different areas of Sui, Dera Bugti today.

According to reports, Pakistani forces conducting a fresh military operation in many areas of Sui, including Matt, Shari Darbar, and Rustm Darbar from past two days.

During the military operation, Pakistani army burned nearly 90 houses to ground and abducted at least 80 Baloch civilians, majority of them women and children, who were later shifted to Sui army cantonment after being abducted by the army. A baloch elder, Sanjar Bugti, 80,  and his whole family were also counted among the abductees.

Some of the abductees are named as: Laljan s/o Sanjar Bugti, Ghanor s/o Sanjar Bugti, Bahru s/o Lanjo Bugti, Salim s/o Duna Bugti, Thadhal S/o Sanjar Bugti, Jaman s/o Sarkar Bugti, Mir Khan s/o  Sarkar Bugti, Aysha w/o Sanjar Bugti, Khan Bibi, w/o Sanjar Bugti, Sahabn w/o Sarkar Bugti, Sehat Bibi w/o Lura Bugti, Maha Gull w/o Lanjo Bugti, Zamran w/o Lanjo Bugti, Sharu w/o Sajjo Bugti, Haider s/o Lanjoo Bugti, Dadan s/o Lanjoo Bugti, Nasar din s/o Lanjoo Bugti, Jhirki d/o Lanjoo Bugti, Piruk d/o Lanjoo Bugti,  Zeban d/o lanjoo Bugti, Mandhi d/o Sanjar Bugti, Ghimo d/o Sanjar Bugti, Naz khatoon d/o Sanjar Bugti, Zeenat d/o Sanjar Bugti, and Hidayati d/o Sarkar Bugti.

Gullan Bibi w/o Gull Mohammad Bugti and her one year old daughter were also abducted by the Pakistani army during the first day of the Military operation in Matt area of Sui, Dera Bugti.

It’s worth mentioning here that Pakistani army forcefully displacing local Bugti tribesmen from their homes during the military operation and driving them away in order to control their land for Chinese Companies for deep-welling of vast reserves of natural gas discovered in Matt area of Dera Bugti.

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