Pakistan army killed 16 including women in Dera Bugti operation – BRP



Geneva: Mr. Sher Mohammad Bugti, Central Spokesman for Baloch Republican Party, in his statement said that Pakistani army’s continuous military operation from six days, sets a new example of brutality in the history.

“Pakistani army is constantly shelling over the civilian population by using deadly gunship helicopters; As part of its ongoing military operation in Dera Bugti, Pakistani army has killed and dumped another Baloch identified as Rehman s/o Mirzian Bugti, 80, in Pasheni region in Dera Bugti here on Saturday.” Mr. spokesman said.

He further said that five members of Rehman Bugt’s family were also killed and dumped by the Pakistani army in same area of Dera Bugti yesterday. The victims includes two elder sons of slain Rehman Bugti, who were identified as Malgh and Dost Ali and grandsons; Nawaz Gul s/o Malgh Bugti, Ali sher s/o Dost Ali and a woman identified as the wife of Nasiwan Bugti.

Mr. Bugti Said that 15 more civilians, also belonging to the family of Rehman Bugti, are wounded, and among the is a pregnant woman who gave a birth to her child in a half-death condition. All the injured people remained helpless and in desperate need of help in a mountainous area of Pasheni where there is no medical treatment.

“Pakistani army have completely sealed entrance and exit points of the affected area and continue the bombardment from the air and ground; civilians casualties are feared to rise, the confirmed death toll are 16, including women and children, and over 30 are wounded. Moreover, the Pakistani army burnt to ashes more than 200 house while looting large numbers of farm animals, such as cow, sheeps, goat, and camel,” He said.

The Mr. spokesman has appealed to the international human right organizations to take effective and immediate measures to stop further killing of Baloch innocent at the hands of brutal Pakistani army.

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