Tortured dead body of abducted Bozo Bugti recovered in Dera Bugti – report


Dera Bugti: Dead body of abducted person recovered from Dera Bugti here on Wednesday.

According to details, the victim, Bozzo s/o Ghulam Mohammad Bugti, was abducted by Pakistani security forces from Zainkoh area of Dera Bugi 15th of January this year.

The victim’s mutilated dead body was dumped at the same place bearing inhuman torture signs. Relative of the victim says he was tortured to death.

Its worth mentioning here that two other People, Wesaq s/o Dahlak Bugti and Hazor Baksh, were abducted along with Bozo Bugti who are still detained.

Bozzo Bugti belongs to the Bugti tribe’s Chandrazai Clan.

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