Two children among three killed in ISI attack on Bugti refugees camp in Afghanistan – BRP


June,-6th,-2017Geneva: Baloch Republican Party spokesman Sher Mohammad Bugti said in a statement that Pakistani intelligence agencies once again targeted Bugti refugees camps in Afghanistan with bomb attack here on Tuesday.

“Two children among three were killed while eight, who were mostly women and children, wounded as the result of attack. The Pakistani intelligence agency-sponsored man carried out the attack on Bugti refugees camps with remote controlled device in Afghanistan and Pakistan’s bordering city Spin Boldak. The camp was completely destroyed after the explosion.” He said.

The Spokesman said that the people who were killed in the blast identified as Ten years old Saif Bugti,  Abdullah Bugti, and Qambar Bugti, while the wounded, majority of them women and children, named as 5 years old Miran Bugti, 8 year old Maikhan Bugti, Zar Khato, Gara Naaz, Zalikha, Adam Bugti & Bewaragh Bugti.

“It’s not the first time that Bugti refugee camps were targeted, but in past, dozens of attacks were planned and carried out by Pakistani ISI in Spin Boldak where numbers of people belonging to Bugti tribes lost their lives, adding that house of BRP leader Riaz Gull Bugti was also targeted in Spin Boldak where his 10 years old daughter and his aged mother critically wounded.

He further said that separately in September of 2015, another Bugti refugee Paind Khan Bugti was gunned down and again on May of 2016, BRP member Jamal Khan Bugti’s house was also targeted in the province of Nimroz with a motorcycle bomb blast, and in the month of July, 2016, Pakistan agencies have targeted and killed BRP leader Shah Nawaz Zehri in Sarwan, Iran. Despite so many similar event taken place in Afghanistan, he said,  UN refugee organization completely remained silence.

The spokesman said that Pakistan Media termed the attack on camp of refugees in Spin Boldak  as “ the attack on the camp of rebel commander”.  “We released the photos of slain children in the media where it was clear whether these were children or commanders.  Calling this an attack on “the camps of rabel” by Pakistani army in media clearly proves that the attack was planned and sponsored by Pakistani ISI.

Sher Mohammad Bugti appealed all the UN refugee organizations and international community to take immediate action against killings of Baloch refugees by Pakistani intelligence agencies and to ensure the protection of Baloch refugees living in Afghanistan and Iran.

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