BRP conducted massive awareness campaign against the war crimes


Geneva: The Baloch Republican Party held an awareness campaign about Balochistan situation on the occasion of 37th session of the UN Human Rights Council.

BRP spokesman, Mr. Sher Mohammad Bugti, in a statement said that BRP held a three-day awareness campaign outside the UN office and informed people from around the world who were attending UN session about the human rights situation and Baloch Genocide by Pakistan army in Balochistan.

“A rally was also carried out from the city centre of Geneva to the UN Office protesting the state atrocities on Baloch people including abductions and mistreatment of the Baloch women” Mr. Bugti said, adding that there was no information of the Baloch women and children abducted by Pakistani forces from Dera Bugti, Nasirabad, and Bolan.

Abductions and mistreatment of the Baloch women have become a daily practice of the Pakistani military forces in Balochistan.

Mr. Bugti further said that a cars rally (an ad campaign carrying different messages about Balochistan and Pakistani war crimes) was also carried out in the Geneva city and that Taxis will also carry these messages for a month onwards informing people about the situation in Balochistan.

Meanwhile, the BRP UNHCR Representative, Abdul Nawaz Bugti, also delivered a speech about the human rights abuses, the Baloch Genocide & other issues about Balochistan on this occasion, and urged the platform to take Pakistan in the account for the human rights violations in Balochistan since it is a member.

BRP Germany Chapter’s President, Mr. Jawad Mohammad Baloch, also addressed the council and said that Pakistan always dodges the question about Balochistan asserting that it is the state’s internal issue, but the genocide of a nation (the Baloch nation) could not be an internal issue, and that the council takes practical step against this particular state member, Pakistan.

Furthermore, BRP Switzerland Chapter’s Pres. Mr. Sher Baz Bugti said that state atrocities and human rights violations continuing in Balochistan unabated; Pakistani forces abducted and detain Baloch women and children to deprive Baloch political activists of struggling for their rights, but the Baloch would never stop.

He urged the human rights organizations to take practical steps and raise voice to stop the ongoing atrocities and Baloch genocide by Pakistan army in Balochistan.