Military forces conducted heavy operations in Dera Bugti & Kohlu – Sher Muhammad Bugti


Geneva Baloch Republican Party central spokesperson, Sher Mohammad Bugti, said in a statement on Monday condemned military operations in Dera Bugti and Kohlu areas.

He said that Pakistani military forces conducted heavy military operations in different areas of Dera Bugti and Kohlu including Bambor, Hann, Sangsila, and Kahan from past five consecutive days. The civilian population of the areas being constantly and indiscriminately bombarded with gunship helicopters and long-range artilleries.

Mr. Bugti said that “The aim behind the escalation of such gory military operations in this particular areas means that Pakistan army paving its way to loot gas and oil by pushing the people out of their indigenous areas.

3 members of the same family were killed due to a heavy bombardment on the house of Mr. Khan Baksh Bugti in Sangsila area. The victims were BiBi Dari, the wife, Gull Mohmmad Bugti and Laal Mohammad Bugti sons of Mr. Khan Baksh Bugti,” adding that the families were denied the bodies of their loved ones until two days, after which, the bodies were extremely decomposed.

He further said Pakistan army was committing massive war crimes in Balochistan. Many people including women and children were detained by the army in Bambor and its adjoining areas. Two dozens of houses were set ablaze during this 5 days period of continued military operation.

200+ livestock of Mr. Sanwar Bugti was loaded to trucks and whisked away by Pakistan army in Hann Nala area. The people of the seized areas were, already, in tight circumstances and their livelihood totally depends on livestock, Mr. Bugti said adding that “now these people are faced with barbarism and heavy military operations”.

BRP Spokesman urged international community including human rights organizations to take immediate notice of the atrocities against Baloch people by Pakistan army.