Military operations escalated in Dera Bugti, army abducted women & children – BRP


Quetta: Heavy Military Operation in Kech and Dera Bugti areas.

Baloch Republican Party Central Spokesmen, Mr. Sher Mohammad Bugti, in a statement on Tuesday condemned escalation of military operation in Dera Bugti and Kech areas of Balochistan.

He said that heavy military operations were carried out in Buleda, Zamuran and other nearby areas of Kech district. A large number of abductions were also reported.

Mr. Bugti further said that a heavy military was taking place in Dera Bugti and Nasirabad areas from past two days, adding that seven people including women and children had been taken into custody, so far.

The victims were identified as Turk Ali Bugti, his wife Naaz Khatoon, 9 yrs old son Ameeran Bugti, daughter Mah Gull Bugti, Jara Bugti and his wife Mozo Bugti and daughter Pazi Bugti.

The military forces have burned down dozens of Houses from Singsila to Nasirabad’s Chattar and its adjacent areas. Two motorcycles and more than a hundred livestock of the locals were looted by the armed forces.

Mr. Spokesmen further said that “State atrocities are once more escalating across Balochistan; in one hand, Baloch students are being extremely targeted and abducted while on the other hand civilian populated areas are being bombed by helicopters and innocents killed, their houses destroyed.

“it’s not the first time that the Pakistani forces abducted Baloch women. In fact in the past, they abducted women from Awaran, Dera Bugti and Kohistan Marri, as well.” he added.

He urged the Pakistani civil society to raise voice against the state atrocities in Balochistan. It’s the same army that had humiliated the women in Bangladesh in the past and repeating the same in Balochistan.

Mr. Sher Mohammad Bugti said that such aggression won’t stop the Baloch for demanding their basic rights to freedom.