BRP Germany formed new cabinet, vowed to follow the ideology of Shaheed Nawab Akbar Bugti


Geneva: Baloch Republican Party central spokesman, Sher Mohammad Bugti in a statement announced the dissolution of the Party’s previous Germany chapter and initiation of a new one.

Mr. Bugti said that “A general body meeting was held supervised by the Party’s Germany chapter President Jawad Baloch. Jawad Baloch and other party members including Adil Baloch addressed the meeting emphasizing that struggling for the rights of the Baloch people in foreign countries is the main goal of the party.”

They said it was highly important, and an obligation upon them as political workers to highlight the issue of human rights violations and raise the Baloch voice for rights in every international forum possible since the abductions and extra judicial murders of Baloch political activists had taken a serious escalation in Balochistan.

“Pakistan has banned every kind of political activities in Balochistan. In abroad, it is our main duty to highlight the crack down on people asking for their freedom in Balochistan. These kinds of human rights violations should be highlight before the international community” they said.

The dissolution of the previous Party chapter and initiation of the new chapter took place during the meeting. Jawad Baloch was appointed as the President of the Chapter, Adil Baloch as Vice President and Najeeb Baloch as finance secretary, and the rest of the activists were appointed as per consensus.

Among the appointed were Mohammad Baloch as Secretary General, Rashid Baloch as Deputy Secretary General, Mehar Baloch as information secretary, Jameela Baloch as assistant finance secretary, Attah Baloch as social media manager and Muzzafar Baloch as Events manager.

Meanwhile the Germany chapter was put into five different Units each with a different in-charge and secretary. Sakhi Dad Baloch was elected the Unit 1st’s in-charge and Adil Ali Baloch as secretary, Unit 2nd in-charge Khalid Baloch and Unit Secretary Iqbal Baloch, Unit 3rd’s in-charge Abdul Wadood Baloch and Unit Secretary Faheem Baloch, Unit 4th’s in-charge Sadiq Baloch and Unit Secretary Waheed Baloch, Unit 5th’s In-charge Waseem Baloch and Unit Secretary was elected Shah Nawaz Baloch.

The newly appointed members of the party vowed to proceed with their struggle and duties following the footsteps of Shaheed Nawab Akbar Bugti, and they showed much faith in the leadership of BRP chief Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti and said his ideology will bring us victory.