Forcibly disappeared Baloch presented as armed fighters in Rajanpur – BRP


Military forces conducted heavy operations in Dera Bugti & Kohlu – Sher Muhammad BugtiGeneva: Baloch Republican Party Central spokesman, Mr. Sher Mohammad Bugti, in a statement condemned the forceful and false declaration of the Baloch abducted from Rajanpur as Armed fighters by the Punjab police in press talk on Thursday.

Mr. Bugti said that the Pakistan army had claimed arresting of armed fighters from Rajanpur meanwhile the truth is people who were presented in press conference by the police were abducted nine months ago and detained, and now declared as armed fighters.

He said that “Hussain Baksh s/o Peer Baksh Mazari was abducted along with his son Rahim Ali Mazari by the Pakistani army from their house in Rajanpur’s Omar Kot area, while Nabi Baksh Mazari and his two sons Balach and Mujahid were abducted by the personnel of secret agencies and Rangers from their house in Wah Majka area” of Punjab’s Rajanpur district.

Mr. Sher Muhammad further said that the people who were declared armed and associated with armed organisations were in fact, abducted nine months ago. ISI personnel asked for 1 crore for each person in ransom to release the abducted victims, but due to lack of resources the families couldn’t arrange the sum hence paving the way for ISI to declare them armed and associating them with Balochistan’s political leader, Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti.

“These are very old tactics of the Pakistani army and agencies. They have actually made this a source of business; Abduct innocent people, declare them terrorists and ask for ransom.

If families of the victims are unable to pay the sum, their loved ones are either killed and dumped or declared terrorists,” Mr. Bugti said.

He urged the local and international organizations to take action against this gamble of human lives by the Pakistani army and agencies.