Number of missing persons increasing dramatically in Balochistan – Report


Quetta: A Pakistani Army Colonel calls a young Baloch to make sure his appearance in an Army camp in the Pullabad Area of Tump district Kech, and later on he got missing.

According to sources; on 10th of December Pakistani Army colonel calls Ismail s/o Malik Dad and threatened him to make sure his presence in Army Camp in Tump.

Family sources said; it’s about three months that he went over to army request, but his safe recovery has not happened. they said; He is not affiliated with any political party nor he has ever committed any crime.

Abduction Reports:

Pakistani Forces abducted a young man from the Dalar area of Baluchistan. Meanwhile a fifteen year teen Baloch was abducted from the Turbat City area of Kech, Baluchistan.

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Furthermore, a young man, resident of Tijabaan Kech, was abducted from Turbat City, the abductee was a labour in Dubai and was on vacation to meet his family in Tijaban.

Baluchistan facing abduction of his residents for almost two decades and the abductees are growing in number every day, thousands of Baloch students and activists and innocent people are being abducted by Pakistani Intelligence and forces and their whereabouts are remain unknown yet.

The families of abductees are silent because of threat of the killing of their loved once by Pakistani Army and its death squads in all regions in Baluchistan.

The International and local human rights organisations and the media along are silent on systematic genocide of Baluch Nation.

Furthermore, three Baloch men were released after a long time of their illegal and extra judiciary detention by Pakistani military forces from Awaran area of Baluchistan.

According to Republican News sources; Aalim and Jameel Baloch were released from Pakistani secret agencies after 7 months of their illegal abduction from Maashi area of Awaran. On the Other hand Jamal Baloch resident of Mandi Paragh area of Awaran was released before three days in Awaran. He was abducted by Pakistani frontier core in Buzdar area of Awaran.

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In another killing incident reported in Kharan area of Baluchistan, where State sponsored death squad gang gun down Rahmath Ullah s/o Usman Sasoli in Mountainous region of Kharan.

The Pakistani army and its secret agencies protecting and backing many gangs and death squad groups in Baluchistan regarding the identifying and countering Baluch political movement in Baluchistan, so far hundreds of Baluch activists and innocent people were killed and thousands were abducted by these death squads in every district of Baluchistan. They are operating in every single Tehsil and district of Baluchistan by the direct official help of the top hierarchy of the Pakistani Army.