Bolan: Seven security personnel killed. Army abducted several during operation. BRP Media Cell


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Pakistan Army started an operation in several areas of Mach Bolan.

BRP Media cell sources reported that Pakistan Army has started a massive military operation in the areas of Mach, Bolan after attack on their convoy.

Army laid siege around the entire area and set ablaze dozens of houses of Baloch villagers after looting their hardly earned valuables from their houses during operation.

BRP Media Cell sources confirmed that several people have been abducted from the area during operation but their identifications remain unknown until filling of this report.

On other side, a militant outfit Baloch Republican Army claimed responsibility of the attack on Pakistan Army in Bolan on social media.

Baloch Republican Army, a militant outfit fighting for independence of Balochistan,  has claimed on their twitter handle that fighters from their organization carried out a remote controlled attack on forces which killed seven of their troops and left four injured and one of their vehicle was completely destroyed in the attack.

Baloch Republican Army vowed to continue such attacks until the withdrawal of Pakistani troops from Balochistan.