Women and children were massacred in Dera Bugti – Jawad Baloch


Geneva: Jawad Baloch, the president of Baloch Republican Party in Germany has said in the  37th session of the United Nations Human Rights Councils that, last week the world celebrated the women day while in many parts of the world women suffer enormously and face terrible difficulties ranging from harassment to maternal death.

He added “While the world talks about gender equality and equal rights for women, the women in Balochistan are facing state terrorism, in addition to global problems.

Apart from being neglected and denied their rights by the state, the Baloch women are also victims of atrocities by the Pakistani state forces. They are most affected by the military operations, enforced disappearances of their family members.

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There is hardly women in Balochistan who has not lost his husband, brother, father or son as a result of notorious kill and dump policy of Pakistan Army”.

He further said “now they are also themselves abducted and kept in torture cells by Pakistani forces. It all started on 17 March 2005 in Dera Bugti when 70 Baloch civilians, mostly women and children, were killed in an attack of Pakistan Army. Hundreds of women and children have been forcefully disappeared ever since.

12 years have passed since the incident and the state atrocities against the Baloch women continue to escalate. The situation will continue to worsen until this council takes steps, especially for women”.

He called upon UN bodies to take urgent action against Pakistani state terrorism against Baloch civilians, including women, in Balochistan.