Marking March 27 as Balochistan’s occupation day inaccurate and divisive – Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti


NewsDesk: Baloch national leader and chief of the Baloch Republican Party, Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti, said that BRP rejects the claims of marking 27th March as the occupation date of Balochistan, adding “On March 27th 1948, Pakistan attacked and forcefully annexed Kalat, one of the states of Balochistan. The other states and tribal areas had joined Pakistan before that. It is factually incorrect to mark 27 March as the occupation day of entire Balochistan.”

He further said that “After the annexation of Balochistan, our forefathers always tried to adjust within Pakistan. With all forms of struggle, the entire Baloch leadership, at one time or another, strived for the Baloch rights inside Pakistan.

“It is as a result of constant treatment of Balochistan as a colony & repeated injustices against the Baloch people by the Pakistani state that Baloch people now demand freedom from Pakistan.”

Further addressing the matter, the Baloch leader says that it was completely wrong to call Kalat’s forceful annexation with Pakistan as occupation of entire Balochistan, and calling for its restoration was equivalent to dividing Balochistan into several states and tribal areas (which were not part of Kalat). “It is not acceptable.” he added.

Nawab Bugti said that Baloch Republican Party rejects 27 March as occupation of Balochistan. Our struggle is based on facts and we strongly discourage the use of twisted facts which damage Baloch struggle.